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About Love Toto Indonesia From Big Great Mother

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There is always a story behind every smile, especially a mother’s smile. In life, we must have memorable stories about our beloved mothers. For those who are now mothers, we have experiences in dealing with the people we give to our dear ones. Telling the figure of a mother always brings something special to our hearts together. Like the writing sent by Fimela’s Friends in the following Mother Smile Story Contest.

Talking about the figure of a mother, of course each child has their own impression and meaning of how extraordinary a mother is. For me, mother is an angel sent by Allah SWT. Kindness is his strength.

My mother used to work in a government agency as an honorary employee. Mother has served as an honorary staff for about 30 years. During his career, the exams and exams the mother faced. The burden of work as toto hk togel singapore online indonesia as a public servant is facing mothers.

Trying hard to become a civil servant but always fail. Until finally when the mother was 50 years old, the mother decided to resign. Because his body was getting tired easily, the workload was very heavy, the distance traveled to the office was very far, and also the unclear fate of his career became a variety of thoughts that finally made my mother decide to resign.

But you don’t know that what you do I secretly observe. Since I was a child, I always kept my mother’s attitude, mother’s way, and what mother did. I always help how you can help your time efficiently so that all the things that are your responsibility are maximized. Starting from getting up early in the morning, my mother immediately cooked meals for me and my father and sister, did housework, continued working at the office until she got sick, studied every night. All these things I observe carefully. How great he can do all the things that are his responsibility to the fullest.

Extraordinary Mother Love

Mother always said that being a woman must be versatile and must be tough. That advice sticks in my life. Until now, I have become the mother of my two children. I apply that advice to my life. I also imitated the way a mother became a mother and wife.

Since getting married, my household has experienced many problems, especially in financial terms. Mother and father helped in many ways. Feelings of shame, embarrassed because it’s still a bother. Until when I wanted to give a little of my sustenance for my mother, my mother refused to refuse my gift. You know I am having a hard time, you don’t want me to be deficient. Masha Allah even though my mother always helps me to look after my two children. In fact, he and his father gave us a lot without expecting it from me.

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I’m learning more and more that the greatest love in the world is the love of a mother and father. Mother’s sincerity and kindness always inspire my every step. Moreover, he is very generous and loving to anyone.

Really mother is my role model in this world. Mother, don’t ever stop praying for me, your child who is struggling to carve a smile of happiness and a sense of pride for you. Pray that I can make you happy. Sorry and thank you mom. I love you so much, Mom.